Front End Web Developer

This promotion was for TA Instruments' 4th quarter. I created an animated gif to go on ceramics website. I also created an email that went out to over 60k current/potential customers worldwide. The fourth quarter promotion is usually the largest promotion of the year.

2014 Q4 Promotion

The 2014 Biomolecular seminar needed a landing page and email invitation. This landing page was much shorter than the typical TA landing page. A navigation was not necessary, but they wanted a button that would always be present regardless of screen size. Using css I fixed the "Register Now" button to the bottom right of the page.

2014 Q4 Biomolecular Seminar

This promotion consisted of 5 different landing pages. Each one was similar, but this required more content. I used jQuery, so that when the user selected a section they were smoothly transitioned to that area of the page. The responsiveness was a little tricky. The header was fixed and I was using an offset in the scrolling function. I came up with a layout to compensate for this, instead of creating multiple functions with different offsets.

2014 Q3 Promotion

The User Meeting websites typically demand a lot of changes up until the meeting is held. Speakers will need to be added, sometimes the schedule will change as well. This website is used to keep attendees and TA employees up to date until the event.

2015 Users Meeting

The 2nd quarter 2014 promotion was created on a limited timeline. The logo was created by one of the in house designers then given to me to create a responsive website. The site was also translated into multiple languages. Korean Version

2014 Q2 Promotion

This client was previously using a layout. They were unimpressed with the asthetics of the template and decided to go for a cleaner look. This website coupled with an advertisement on google has grown their client base.

Mick Brodie Consulting

This project was designed by one of my coworkers, then given to me to code. We spent some time sifting through the Google fonts library to find a font similar to the corporate font we use. I also had to use media queries so that the site's header would be responsive.

Boston Rheology

These are common projects I encounter at TA Instruments. We will need a landing page and contact form for an event. The registration forms require php. Usually an email is created that will help promote the event.

Protein Binding and Structure Studies

This is the 2nd quarter promotions page. This is another example of a layout that I recieved from another designer. The customers were sent an email that linked them back to this page. This site uses jQuery to create the animations. A fallback was also created for older versions of Internet Explorer.

2nd Quarter Promotion

The 4th quarter promotion had a pretty straightforward process. A design was created in photoshop, once approved I moved forward to the code.

4th Quarter Promotion